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Originally Posted by joeyluck View Post
This is a picture of something I proposed before on the platform of "more flexible UI." My idea was that developers could keep their GUI (their vision without making compromises to great instruments) and in some fashion, still have the extra "bonus" that is the back panel.

I was merely thinking in terms of RE. However, if a VST could run inside the RE SDK, with some editing to allow for back panel connectivity, all the concepts of RE ("better inetgration," "undo," stability - not crashing the host" would still exist). Essentially, it would look like a rackmount, touch-screen like this... =)
Can't be done. The Rack view in reason is a tightly controlled collection of GUI widgets and templates and audio code. Breaking that interdepence will introduce some pretty noticeable responsiveness issues with reason. Specially after you have several of these high-powered instruments running at the same time in you project.