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Originally Posted by juno106user View Post
A device only Steven Hawking would be able to figure out could be difficult to market.
I don't pretend to know the ins-n-outs of programming for Reason. But I'm not going to let ignorance stop making the suggestion. Otherwise... this forum should wrap up.

I think you could certainly use this to make unique and creative timing variances however you could also have a serious mess if you weren't careful!
So... Be careful. All the carefullness in the world over the last 80 years still hasn't stopped people distorting, getting feedback or many other sound problems. Are you suggesting that Limiters, Compressors and multi-input signal chains should also be avoided?

I for one would like to have something like this but I think that it would be a really complicated option for newer users and people who are less musically daring!
... You've seen Thor, right?

Could you not program to Matrix or RPG-8 to do many of the things this idea may accomplish?
No. Those are pattern devices whose speed is driven by the master tempo. those pattern devices can't speed up or slow down the tempo of playback for a device.

As far as speeding or slowing the audio down contained within the combinator (assuming it's not playing back MIDI data), could you not create an insert FX or RE that when feed audio, could slow or speed up the captured sample with the twist of a dial?
That involves a lot of CPU processing power.

The clock is the clock. Reason's timer is driven by the CPU's clock: Reason just converts its ~2.8GHz resolution CPU clock to something managable by humans. I'm not suggesting we re-invent a completely new clock. You just re-interpret the CPU clock to a new set of figures.

Let me put it this way: I can run a movie and Reason at the same time, completely independently, in different apps. They both have different time displays. But both are driven by the same CPU clock, interpreted differently by each app. All I'm suggesting is that when Play is pushed, there's an ability for Combinators to run gear from a different interpretation of the CPU clock.

Also, if you could do this and in effect have one track playing back at its own tempo, could you then specify a loop area that only that Combinator would follow independent of the track playback and loop points etc?
Yes. Looping would be handled by the pattern devices you have within the Combinator: Redrum, Matrix, Thor's step-counter, RPG-8's step counter, etc.

If it was playing back faster, that Combinator would finish playing before the track was finished.
That's correct. And also intentional. That happens anyway with Dr Octo Rex and any other sampler you care to mention.

At the end of the day, ReTime is a way to create sound machines that can run asynchronously with Reason. Currently, you can run pattern devices in Combinators in Reason, but only as a ratio of the master tempo.