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Originally Posted by juno106user View Post
I would love to have more inventive parameters and devices within Reason so that we will always have the opportunity to create new forms however, I still believe that Props also have to consider marketing to a larger audience when creating and designing.
Ah. That's where we might differ in approach then. I have absolutely no concern for how Propellerheads conducts their business. They're big enough and nasty enough to make their own decisions

The way I see it, there IS a product for people who are looking to start with Reason: Reason Essentials. Most of the devices are in Essentials. However, Props have altered gear for new users: the Essentials Mixer, for instance, doesn't have everything the full version has. This Combinator decision might not be available for Essentials, but that's beside the point.

P.S. You were right, I was suggesting that limiters, compressors and multi-input signal chains should always be avoided. Thank you for clarifying that for everyone else!
I trust you understand the analogy. A demand was identified for handling heavily fluctuating dynamic range. An innovation happened that supplied a solution: compression. I was just pointing out that neither complicating factors nor fear of damage are arguments against innovation. Perhaps my idea of implementation isn't great: I'll accept that But consider this: Reason already has a form of several independent clocks working. It's called ReGroove. ReTime works like ReGroove in that Reason can calculate different tempo configurations based around the Master tempo WITH bias and random math in there. Given that, ReTime should be a breeze