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Originally Posted by Pimphish View Post
it would be interesting to see a video of someone actually using this apps to create something productive.

I personally feel I waste time with apps like these and nothing ever comes out of it. Now, I know this may just be a problem with me, but I've still yet to see something productive come from anyone else.
There's no doubt you can be productive with iOS devices.

As somebody mentioned earlier, the best way to do this is probably to use ReCycle.

Most iOS music apps (Figure, GarageBand, iMaschine, iKaossilator, etc.) allow you to create small audio loops which you can export to your computer and are perfect ReCycle material.

Obviously whether you use your iPod or iPad depends on your workflow and habits but I find them incredible to quickly write down ideas before they slip away wherever I am or to just mess around.

Most of them are obviously not as flexible, complex and "powerful" as Reason and other DAWs but they are (IMHO) much, MUCH better for creativity and improvisation and allow you to just randomly mess around and come up with great ideas by accident (try out Figure or iKaossilator if you haven't yet). Obviously that 4 bar loop, cool as it is, is far from being a finished track. That's when Reason comes into play...

Importing and fleshing out basic ideas from wave files made on your iOS device is pretty much the perfect workflow for me.

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