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Originally Posted by justin3am View Post
For me, this is the most useful utility module so far.

It would be nice if the dev had more practical use case examples in the manual but the meters give you enough feedback to figure out what is going on while experimenting.

My suggestion would be to route Thor's Rotaries out of Thor's CV outputs and into Inputs A and B on CB-1. This way you can make adjustments to the rotaries and watch the effect it has on the meters. Once you feel like you understand what is happening in that situation, replace one of the Rotaries with an LFO and then watch the effect that moving the other rotary has on the LFO.

As mentioned in the User forum thread, here are some of my favorite uses for CB-1...
- In Subtract mode can also be used to sum (add) two signals by setting one of the input multipliers to -1.
- Multiply mode can be used as a VCA when at least one of the incoming signals is unipolar.
- Mulitply works as a balanced modulator (ringmod) when you send two bi polar signals.
- When used in Maximum mode, you can compare two gate signals with OR logic. Here is a truth table to describe what I mean.
T=True or gate high, F=False or gate low
- When used in Minimum mode, you can compare two gate signals with AND logic.
I like to use this mode to compare the gate output from Probability Drum Trigger with the Gate output of a Matrix sequencer. You can use the probability steps on PDT2 to determine the likelihood of the Matrix gate being passed through.
Ok bro. Little over my head at this point but im going to play with it right now and see what can it do.