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Propagate updated RE's in active trial sessions

In the current situation you can get an RE on a trial basis. The RE is assigned to your account and you can use it for 31 days, as long as you authorize online. So far, so good.

But when an RE author provides an update while your trial is still active you will remain on the previous version. I think this is quite a major flaw in the current system.

Because if you detected several problems with the current version then there is no way for you to find out if the new release has actually fixed all of that. I consider this to be a set back not only for the end users, but also for the RE developers.

After all; (real life example): When certain media picks up on some issues with an RE and the author has provided an update which solves them, it should be possible for him to request said media to review the updated version. But they "can't". Even when the trial period for the RE is still active.
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