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Originally Posted by nhsh View Post
Schwarzwalder kirschtorte?! With unlimited slices! Yum!
Is there a smiley available with licking lips?... :-P

Originally Posted by nhsh View Post
I think it was in another thread, I mentioned to try the big rexes in audio tracks, and I think you said yeah, you know you can use them in Reaper... Well, in case I wasn't clear, I meant importing the REX files directly into audio tracks in *Reason/Record*'s sequencer. Does any slice limit exist there?
I haven't count the slices, but it seemed that they were all there and none has gone. I just wanted to test if files in REX format could be opend by any other program and tested it with my DAW. And Reaper did it. I opened one of the files that cannot be open with Dr.OctoRex, and Tataaaaa: in Reaper there was this file, with many many many markers for the slices. I think there were no limits with slices in Reaper, since Reaper opened this file without any claim.