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Originally Posted by Sigmuntowski View Post
I haven't count the slices, but it seemed that they were all there and none has gone. I just wanted to test if files in REX format could be opend by any other program and tested it with my DAW. And Reaper did it. I opened one of the files that cannot be open with Dr.OctoRex, and Tataaaaa: in Reaper there was this file, with many many many markers for the slices. I think there were no limits with slices in Reaper, since Reaper opened this file without any claim.
I was expecting that... I suppose there has to be a limit on the Doktor, because slices are to be kind of edited, but this seems too low...

Suggestion #1 for Pheads: what about a little patch for Recycle that, when saving more than 92 slices, issues a warning that it will not be compatible with Reason Dr.Rex ? that would give a warning to loop producers.

Suggestion #2 for Pheads: Issue a warning, but load the first 92 slices of the REX anyway (I'm assuming the Doktor is not behaving like this, that it doens't load the REX at all - I don't remember, and I can't seem to find a REX with more that 92 slices)

Suggestion #3 for Pheads: Raise the limit