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DSP-Card for Reason !!!

Hello from Germany.

I'd like to see a DSP card! Specially for Reason!

The DSP card, preferably one with 8 Motorola Shark chips on it could then, for example, calculate the SSL Compressor and/or 64-128 SSL-Mixer Channels or Effects or Killer-Synths, without stressing the computer


It would also be possible to expand the RE-SDK!!!!
So it would be possible to code a real Monster Synth or Reverb Effekt or something which consume a lot of computing power ;-)
perhaps it would be possible to use many existing DSP plugins?

-UAudio UAD-2
-Creamware/Sonic Core Scope

This Card can be the USB-Dongle, also!

Assuming a video card that costs $ 100 today,
Then the video-card had much more computing power in the Folatpoint than a conventional CPU!
Such a DSP card would cost you maybe $ 20-30 (in production)
naturally without the software development


It would also be possible to combine a real big modular system with this card. ~ 30 really fat sounding modules, and these can be loaded to the DSP. and the modules have no use of the computer CPU. ;-)

Just like a Clavia Nord Modular, for example.
One of the best VA-Modular Synths i have ever heard!!!
(only the first Modular 1)


The devil says:
A DSP Card with 8x400Mhz Shark Chips !
Like the new UAD-2 Octo !
That would catapult Reason into the 22 century!

And I can tell you:
DSP plugins color the sound quite to a different corner!

I had a UAD-2 Duo, a TC-Powercore with Virus, MD3, VSS3, and a Scope with Minimax and the Modular System! BUT: In Cobination with the native VST plugins in Cubase4-5-6 it was unfortunately NOT stable!!!

sorry for the bad grammar and thanks to google translate: D
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