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-UAudio UAD-2 => octo at 1500 usd (and next certainly DEAD),plugins's price goes up every 6 month and the new most accurate plugin take at least one DSP)
-TC-Powercore => DEAD (1300 usd) => no more support
-SSL-Duende => DEAD (1300 usd) => take the native route
-Creamware/Sonic Core Scope => DEAD one time, Reborn but almost dead (about 1500 usd),

I can also add liquid mix : it's no more supported too

do you really want a dsp dongle that would cost around 1000 usd and would be underpowered only 6 month after it is released ?

and do you really want more audio latency ?

no way,

for owning 2 UAD-1 and 1 quad UAD-2 + several (about 30) UAD plugins I can tell you DSP dongle is the worst idea for Reason, it's a dead end.

the ignition key cost 30 usd and works well, no need to spend 1000 usd and more in something we certainly couldn't use anymore on the next computer we will have in the next 2 years.

reason and RE are native, the day they add DSP support that just mean more work to support them so it means that the RE at 25 usd will be at 50 usd ect ect ect

DSP dongle, no way thank you !!!

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