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Originally Posted by chou View Post

-UAudio UAD-2 => octo at 1500 usd (and next certainly DEAD),plugins's price goes up every 6 month and the new most accurate plugin take at least one DSP)
-TC-Powercore => DEAD (1300 usd) => no more support
-SSL-Duende => DEAD (1300 usd) => take the native route
-Creamware/Sonic Core Scope => DEAD one time, Reborn but almost dead (about 1500 usd),
I can also add liquid mix : it's no more supported too
dying ??
it should be developed! By the Propp
they can create PCI, PCIe, USB2-3 and FireWire Cards.

do you really want a dsp dongle that would cost around 1000 usd and would be underpowered only 6 month after it is released ?
if this card has a lot of DSP Power --> why not??
if I can buy monitoring systems that cost $1000 and more,
i can also buy a sequencer for $ 2000!

and do you really want more audio latency ?
never bothered me ..
I think this is negligible
*if there is a button to disable all global latency hungry plugins.


In total I imagine it like this:

three Versions:
1. Reason Essentials
2. Reason
3. Reason DSP

the DSP Card and Reason with DSP Software should be only an option.
for high class producing of music
i would buy a VSS3, MD3, TC-Virus, SC-Minimax, 1176LN, LA-2A, DreamVerb, Neve Channel Strip, etc.pp.. clone for Reason DSP immediately ;-)

With the Virus|PowerCore Unlimited License, a PowerCore with 4 DSPs allows for 64 voices of polyphony and 16-parts multi-timbrality (configured as 4 individual instances, with 4 multi-timbral parts and 16 voices, each). If you combine four 4 DSPs PowerCores, you'll have a 256 voice polyphonic and 64-part multi-timbral virtual analog synth and FX monster (configured as 16 individual instances, with 4 multi-timbral parts and 16 voices, each)!!
The old UAD-1 has been produced for less than $20.
These were nothing more than old graphic cards chips..

I think it would be good and I would buy it as well