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"i would buy a VSS3, MD3, TC-Virus, SC-Minimax, 1176LN, LA-2A, DreamVerb, Neve Channel Strip, etc.pp.. clone for Reason DSP immediately ;-)"

but TC won't release those plugins for RE SDK nor UA, since it's force them to port their existing code to the RE SDK and perhaps to another programming langage.

"and do you really want more audio latency ?
never bothered me ..
I think this is negligible"

negligible perhaps for someone who just make a collection of plugins but certainly not for the peoples who use them.

"The old UAD-1 has been produced for less than $20."

and they sold them about 350 usd to the final customers,

a shark DSP cost about 30-40 usd, but a quad is still sold for 1000 usd, an octo, the flagship, 1500 usd (wich can run only 8 massive passive eq)

you won't have dsp solution at 100 € since PH need to make investement for the DSP plateform in itself + extra developpment for DSP langage since RE sdk is for native CPU + extra customer support due to DSP plateform issues => wich mean extra cost for the final consumer and a lot of time wasted for a dsp solution wich is a solution of the past that only excite 3 peoples on this forum.

the only thing at the end is DSP limitaion + extra cost with no any true advantages, this is why most DSP plateform failed in the past, native CPU just evolve faster with lower prices,

UA can still sell DSP cards because they still offer specific and exclusive plugins peoples want because of genius marketting techniques.

but just keep your money for your next computer, it's by far a best investment (especially for a computer at 1500 usd)

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