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You do not want to know how many processing went into the guitars! In the end they sound as very solid but in fact I had to bounce them as a stereo track somewhere towards the end because my computer maxed out!

The left and right guitars both got 3 passes through a Sansamp and an speaker with a SM57 on it coupled with the DI and a Reason rack full of effects, I believe Pulverisers, Screams and Line6's. We recorded the guitars DI so we could do things like this.

All guitar tracks also have tons of effects to bring them forward like this, lots of Mclass-EQ for cuts and SSL for boosts. I also put Pulverisers on all of them to get more grit and sustain and the Kong Transient Designer to get more attack on the guitars.

When I bounced them as a stereo track I did some more EQ and some widening with the Stereo Imager.

The drums are just straight forward but I layered the kick and snare as always.
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