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Exclamation I still can't access my Rack Extensions!

I really need you Guys help!Whether it be a fellow forum user or a Propellerhead team member.Here's the problem I'm having.I can't see my downloads or find them, when it's starts writing licenses to my Ignition Key.I think I messed up with Application Launcher that say's to pick from an Application do download it to.I'm confused about how to get my RE's.I tried to download some of the free Rack Extension's and I didn't even get a chance to use the Izotope OZone 5 Maximizer,FET Compressor,nor the Rob Papen Predator Rack Extensions!Because it wouldn't say Yea or Nay about finishing the downloads.Which is why I'm asking you Guys for the right answer!Please help out U guys!!!!!!