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Thanks guys, truly appreciated!

Btw, I hope my title wasn't misleading. I've completed many songs, albums and remixes before, but never in Reason. My main DAW is Ableton Live, but I really wanted to do an entire track in Reason since V6.5 with REs was a really inspirational update from the Props I think. I am really getting into the workflow of Reason (even hooked up a 2nd monitor to enhance the workflow even more) and can see why so many people like the software as much as they do.

In the past I've always used it more of a sketchpad than anything and ended up finishing a song in Live. Anyway, I've invested in some REs and think I will do a lot more songs in Reason from now on. Working on music is supposed to be fun and Reason is a lot of fun. I like the Reason community too.

Thanks again!