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Hey if your going to pay why not search on google for mixing and mastering services. You should be able to find many of them online. Look around and find one that works within your budget. If you want to learn (as I'm sure you do by all the threads you've been posting for a while now ) it's going to take time. You gotta put in the work. Buy some online mixing techniques videos, buy some books about mixing, do some critical listening, buy a frequency training program (or app if you have a smart phone), go to school for audio production, ect..
Most importantly you gotta make some music and keep trying to achieve the mix your looking for. Also learn more about the tools you don't understand all the way. For example do you know exactly what the ratio knob on a compressor does? If not learn what it does along with all the other knobs. Learn why you'd want to apply compression and when not too, why you'd want to use a slow attack our fast attack.
QUESTION??? How long have you been making beats and mixing them? How long have you been studying mixing techniques? Like many have said to you before it's going to take some time, it won't happen over night.
Also if your trying to sell your beats on that website you spoke about in one of your other post you should offer to sell the beat with the stems so you don't have to worry so much about the mix. If your beat (or arrangement I should say ) is really good then it shouldn't be a problem. That might help you out until your mixing techniques improve.