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Originally Posted by TTTOY View Post
I don´t understand your answer.. I use a lot of original software and other companies (and also Reason until version 5) was GREAT to use on tour.. Now it unfortunately looks like I have to skip to another alternative (after spending 150€ for the upgrade).. Maybe you have an advise, rather than very clever Sonylutions. I agree that they want to sell their product, but License keycode, Online registration, server check should be enough maybe ? It just arrived by post and i can´t install it and it looks dificut to use in the future..
Best, TTT
You do not understand.. Lets put it this way: Would you put your money to the bank if they didn't have a safe? Right. Thats how all the RE developers feel too.

Btw you can just use an online login instead of the key.
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