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Originally Posted by TTTOY View Post
As a long year user of Reason I seriously consider to quit using it after seeing this very annoying and partwise not working process of installation. This Ignition key is the most annoying thing ever and even being logged in to the site.. Having my license details, my computer MacOSx doesn´t find the key. Also I perform live a lot and I really have to check if it possible to use the ignition key on tour. Sounds frustrating already since I normally use both USB ports for controllers and keyboard and now i have to buy a HUB to use that key ???? This is De-Evolution and stops the creative process I got used to with the program.
Yep, a hardware dongle looks silly in 2012, I agree. However, I did not have any problems installing the software, activating it or getting the IK to work. Are you sure you followed the installation instructions to the letter? You should also contact support and they should get back to you very soon to lend you a hand. In the meantime check out the support faq: