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Originally Posted by TTTOY View Post
Dear Hansen, don´t take it personally... - As a musician I really understand very well the benefit of money coming back for your work in times of the new download mentality And I agree,, totally agree that they want to protect their work. Still, companies like Ableton, Native Instruments etc. seem to handle it more customer friendly for professional touring artists. Maybe there is room to improve their system.. Since I don´t know if I always be connected to the internet when i want to make music, or maybe i want to use two USB devices and not waste one port for that. That´s all..
Nothing taken personally Companies like Ableton and NI do not sell other peoples stuff with their copy protection, its about the REs! In the worst case you have 3 dongles with Ableton. One Steinberg key, one iLok and one proprietary one

Btw you can get the balance interface and have it integrated there already
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