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A hopeful question, and a hearty hello.

Hi folks,

New here, but plan to stick around.

I've recently bought an old copy of Reason 3.0 with the intention to upgrade to ~6.5 when my meagre budget can afford it.

I'm in Australia, and I'm waiting for the discs to ship from the US. Going on past experience with this kind of thing, it could potentially take 5-6 weeks to get here.

However, the licence has already been transferred over to me.

So, I'm really keen to get this program fired up - even though it's an earlier version, I plan to crank it like it's Reason 30. Is there a surviving link to a legitimate Reason 3 demo (if such a thing has ever existed) that I can then just download and activate?

I had the idea of installing the 3.04 update, but that still requires the sound banks. I don't need replacement discs, as the originals are arriving sometime in the hopefully-not-too-distant-future.

I may be coming across as impatient, but I'm sure the community here can understand how I'm just itching to get creative right now.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Anyway, after lurking for a couple of days, it's nice to finally say hello.