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Thank you, nhsh.

65MB... not all there I guess... 20 minute timeout trials... Hmmm.

Do you know if activation is possible with this demo? I'm happy to use free refills and my own found sounds while I wait for the discs to arrive. But if activation is not possible, please don't trouble yourself any further. Hey, I appreciate it though.

Also, the end of the day has already arrived for me, so I may not reply for several hours while muh weary bones are restin'.

Edit: Thanks also emotica and MayorMcCheese.

Originally Posted by MayorMcCheese View Post
I take it that you bought R3 in order to get the R6.5 upgrade for $169, so forget about using R3 if you plan to go to R6.5. Since you have to wait for the R3 disc anyway, start digging some clams and get the $169 bucks in the next 5-6 weeks to get 6.5.1. You’ll be glad you did, and the R3 disc will make a nice coaster for the coffee table.

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