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Originally Posted by GoldenHermit
I've recently bought an old copy of Reason 3.0 with the intention to upgrade to ~6.5 when my meagre budget can afford it.
Hello GoldenHermit.

If you're interested, I have a for-sale thread up for a copy of Reason Essentials that will upgrade your Reason 3 license to Reason 6/6.5.l.

I'm asking $75+shipping(USD), and the only thing you won't have is the USB key, so you'll need to run with internet verification, or buy a key from the Prop Shop or from somebody with an extra one.

And so you know... I upgraded a copy of Reason 3 this way, but not with this Essentials license. I have 2 Essentials licenses, and used 1 for an upgrade, and am now selling the extra license.

Also, if you upgrade this way, all of the licensing will be handled electronically through Propellerhead, which means you can start using R6/6.5 immediately (following license transfer) via the downloaded version.

Here's the thread...

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