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Audio Driver / No audio inputs available...

Hello every one,

Here's my setup
Windows 7
Reason 6.5.3
Audio interface= Lexicon Omega w/Omegaintaller2.6 update

Here's the issue, I go to Preference=> Audio tab=> Auido card driver & select the ASIO Omega ASIO and all I get is an "X". If I select DX Primary Sound Driver everything seems to work fine except I can't use the Lexicon Omega to record with...

Prior to purchasing 6.5 I was using Reason 5 & everything worked fine including the Lexicon Omega and I was able to record but with the limited time Reason 5 allowed. I purchased 6.5 due to the added features, particularly the ability to record vocal tracks with no limitation.

I'm sure that there are correct audio settings that will get me back on track but I've made many adjustments to no avail and I'm lost and frustrated, so I'm asking for help...