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tascam us-122 mkii or Presonus Audiobox USB?

Hi Guys

I am helping a friend with a simple studio setup. She's the singer / songwriter type, she will mainly use her e-piano (Yamaha P-80) and a mic.

I am checking Reason Essentials with her, and I'm pretty sure she'll like it. However, she needs an audio / midi interface. She wants to buy the presonus audiobox USB, my suggestion would have been the tascam us 122-mkii (since I've been using this in the past and was very happy with it).

Besides the fact that the tascam is 20 bucks more expensive, I don't see much difference:

Presonus Audiobox USB
- 2 class A XMAX microphone / instrument preamplifiers
- 48V phantom power
- 2 balanced TRS outputs
- MIDI in / out
- 2 line out's

Tascam us-122 mkii
- 2 mic entries(XLR) / instrument preamplifiers
- 48V phantom power
- 2 Line in's (1 for guitar, bass etc).
- MIDI in / out
- 2 line out's

Has anyone used both of these? I'm really wondering if there is any reason to spend 20 bucks more for the tascam or not.. If it's better (for any reason), it makes sense, but if not.. Let's save 20 bucks.

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