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Originally Posted by sh73888 View Post
This sounds SICK. and GREAT bass frequency distinction. No idea who marco corola is but this is a pretty good track. Perc lead at 49sec not quite my cup of tea - everything else going including the wrooom wroom thing is great. although i could use a little more modulation on the vroom lfo thinger. like a gate/sidechain automation effect. and some whitenoise sweeps. and maybe a gateverb snare on/or right before drops.
really like this subtle pwmish synth coming up now. your specialty is drums/bass mixing aint it. Its really realy friggin phat and crisp.
Thanks for the response and feedback mate! I think it definatly needs to evolve more amd the modulation on the vroom vroom thing is a must. Appreciate you taking the time to listen and glad you like it. Watch this space, I'll post up a final mix when its done.

Originally Posted by snakeofjune View Post
i like the fact that it's pretty understated and introduces small sounds and noises around a simple deep, dark core. Headphone techno. like it
Thank you thats most kind. It was after all mixed and made entirely in headphones so thats fitting

Originally Posted by DIGITUS View Post
Very nice minimal dance track. I found the abrupt ending startling though.
Thanks Digitus yep I hadn't got round to laying the track out properly so its on the to do list
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