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Originally Posted by John View Post
There are 128 MIDI notes available. We use the first 36 notes/keys for transposing, stopping and trigging loops. The rest, 128-36=92, are used to trigger individual slices.
Okay, this does make absolutely sense, and the limit of 92 slices is therefore untouchable.

Originally Posted by pedrocaetanos View Post
@Sigmuntowski: not only you get an error, but you can't load the REX, right?
That's right. When I try to load one of these REX files, I get a message in the Reason's file browser that I cannot load this file because of more than 92 slices. And the file is not loaded.

Originally Posted by pedrocaetanos View Post
This once again raises the issue of lower quality in the loop library. Sound and musical quality may be good, but "packaging" standards are on the low side
I also think so. Perhaps even third programmers should read the specifications for REX files.