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Originally Posted by CeriJC View Post
Sorry, I can see how you can load .wavs that way, but I don't think you can load .drum sounds.
Correct. For what it's worth, a good number of .drum patches are based on the NN-NANO sampler, which means their underlying samples can be loaded into the Redrum. In Reason 5, they live in the Factory Sound Bank > Kong Patches > Kong Sounds & Samples.

But other .drum patches may use Kong's modelled synth devices, and effects. If you want those in Redrum, currently you'll have to resample them. I see the appeal of an enhanced Redrum, but I wonder if having a very quick Auto-Resample feature in Kong (at the current pitch with the current FX routing) would be nicer than making every device do pretty much the same as other related devices. Along with some sample drag and drop support to make things less painful. Such an instant resampling feature might even satisfy something's recent request for more Kong goodness.