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Dear everybody!

My name is Rol Madness and I am music producer and Propellerhead Reason user. I have a problem and i need your help.

Today i make my new music with a Reason 5.0 when my computer is turn off. When i turn on my computer and i open my reason project, the Reason software posted by error. Quote: "The file (filename).rns has a bad format and can not be loaded." I could not believe my eyes because this file is most important for me.

My question, can anybody help me and can i repair my project??

Thank you for answer.
Your preferences are probably locked due to a the power failure... the easiest way to repair this problem is to blow away all your reason preferences, including all orphaned audio streams. Restart reason (which will ask you for the install disk, don't worry just point to the right location on your drive) and you should be up and running!