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Hey all

I have a Macbook Pro 2.26 Core2 Duo that lately has been acting up big time. I have 8GB of ram inside and songs that normally wouldn't flinch are glitching out of control with Reason 6.5.1. Running 0 RE's just two subtractors, 1 thor , 1 redrum, and 2 audio tracks with line 6 amps and the echo attatched. And now it stutters like mad. This is super frustrating as I am set to play live in a couple weeks with Reason since it's my production work horse but seriously? Glitching after just those? Either my system is dying or somethings happening with Reason.
Core2Duo is really pushing it, hate to say it but I think it's too slow to run RE's and all of Reason's goodness. That being said the stutter problems seem to be an issue with your audio interface. Perhaps your buffer is to small?