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Much appreciated my man. I agree with you too. depth wise, you mean dynamics? As in individual track levels or the master bus compression/limiting? The mixing style you described is generally my approach ambiguously speaking, with a central bass theme pretty consistently. So what style do you do if you dont mind me askin?

FYI This was my first track with 6.5 - prior it was 3.0 so I am acclimating to the awesome new ssl mixer for one thing plus, I dont know bout you, but I think there is a huge difference in frequency spectrum through my sen 280pros jumping from 16bit to 24bit through a VRM box, also jumping from 3.0 sound engine to 6.5 sound engine. There is just so much more space to work with (I like the ssl options like the control room outage - so many tweaks to squeeze that extra .1dB out here and there its wild). But yeah anyway do you know what I am talkin bout with the space of the mix 16 to 24bit? Or am I wiggin..