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Rack Extensions on two Computers (Studio + Tour)

I could not find an entry about it that easily..
Since I bought several Rack Extensions for my MAC (Touring Notebook)
I also would like to use them on my HOME Desktop (PC)

What would be the best way to do that?

How do I transfer the Rack Extensions without buying them for my second Computer?
Shall I just download the Demos for my Studio Computer and the Ignition Key solves the registration for me?

Sorry,, I feel bad with asking all those stupid questions.. The new Reason IK System is quite something to get used to.. I will test it and see how realistic it is to have a normal workflow..
Also that it is not possible to run Reason on two computers at the same time is quite disturbing since it makes sense to synch/transfer your studio sessions to the portable system..
In my personal opinion it is definately the wrong direction to punish the people who buy the software.
I guess the IK doesn´t stop piracy and the cracked software even gives you more freedom.. THIS IS VERY SAD!!!!!