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Originally Posted by beatsknocking View Post
Can any Reason 6-6.5 Users share their Custom Mastering Presets?????
No such thing as a mastering preset... The best thing to do is concentrate on the mix and send it to your "mastering guy" if you do not have one or this is not economically viable, then self mastering should be the next option.

Personally, the stuff I do self master is generally a promo or something I want to test out live... if it is going to be released then it will definitely go out to my Mastering Guy.

When I do my own self masters for reference, I NEVER, EVER master in Reason. I mix, bus and sum in Reason. From 50+ tracks get bussed down to 16 stem audio tracks. Those then get imported into my DAW of choice and is final gain staging and dynamics(including mid-side dynamic processing) are added.

The last stage is going into my mastering strip whos order does not change(but the settings do. They are applied on a per track basis)...

1. Vitalizer
2. Optical Mastering Compressor
3. Multiband EQ (if necessary)
4. Multibanc Comp (if necessary)
5. Crane Song Hedd(out) -> Manley (outboard) -> Crane Song Hedd(in)
6. Tape (30ips)
7. Loudness Limiter

My meters are set to peak + rms, using k-14.

My peak's per stage...
1. Mixing = No more than -6dB
2. Stem Mixing = No more than -3db
3. Mastering = -0.1dB