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Audio Click for Drummer, Help!!!

Hi guys.
I need to solve a problem.
I'm using REASON 6.5 live along with a NOVATION MIDI CONTROLLER.
I'm using Combinators in the sequencer in order to provide a sort of tracklist, with each Combinator and its sounds corresponding to single track of a concert.
In addition to that, i'm working with some backing tracks on the SEQ, each one with it's own tempo so i had to disable stretching to let them sound correctly.
Is there a way to give Click to a drummer without making huge mess with backing tracks?
So far, i got that MIDI OUT doesn't exist and you have to work it out with AUDIO. Fortunately, my audio interface has 4 OUTS so i could do that, but still i don't know any way to get to my purpose.
How can i change BPM from song to song?