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This is possible, its just a bit work around but easy to achieve. Drop redrum into combinator and assign a rotary to redrums pattern select. Now copy and paste your drumloop on each pattern, up to 32. and select for pattern A 1 1 step, for A 2 2 steps, A 3 3 steps and so on.

You could also download our combinator updates for the rough connection vol 1,2 & 3 packs. It's works more controlled but the breaks are pre programmed so when you don't have these packs just replace the missing drumhits with any others in the NN-XT sampler. But you have to create a account to download these combinators. You will find on the freebie page also a lot cool dnb and dubstep samples for free !

RC Combinator update Drum order (NN-XT)

C1 Kick,

D#1 Snare,

E1 Hihat,

F1 Ghost Snare,

F#1 hihat

G1 Ghost Snare

Combinator redrum steps patch is attached
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