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Angry I need help with reason live sampling!!!!

Ok im trying to record some samples in Reason 6 but when I record i'm only getting sound from the left speaker. I have Krk RP6's with Digi 003 Rack+ Factory and iMac 27" quad core 2.8 i5 2011 model, just in case you guys need to know. I have my mic plugged into input one and it works fine when recording vocals on a audio track, i'm getting sound from left and right speakers according to the "Master Section". The "Big Meter" is only showing sound coming from the left even though sound is coming from both speakers. Just using the live sampling im only getting sound from one side. Now when i use my built in microphone+ built in output settings in pref. everything works fine left and right feedback also when recording a sample. For the love of music i need some help PLEASSEE!!! Thanks for listening folks.