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Question Please give me feedback on a rap track before I send it out for mastering.

I recorded the artists and mixed this track for an album I'm producing (all in Reason 6.5) I've made other beats for the album but this track was done by one of our beat makers/lyricist. I know he used an older version of PT for the beat so he had to send me the stems to work with. I was looking for any feedback on the mix (even the song as a whole also) because after I feel that the mix is complete I'm going to send the track out to be mastered professionally. It's very important to have a good mix because there's only so much that mastering can do that need to be addressed in the mix.
I haven't created my own soundcloud page yet so I just uploaded it to .
There's a media player (that plays the song as a mp3) on the link but I included a wav file download because I didn't mix the track with converting it to mp3 in mind. So please download the track an check out the mix. All I ask is that you don't post it anywhere because the mix isn't finished or even mastered yet. We are going to be giving the album away for free when it's done (we will accept donations if people want to help us out) so I'll be posting that info after we're done with the album.

Here's the link......
I hope you enjoy the track!

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