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Originally Posted by ambientium View Post
Of course I had this idea of switching patterns with different lengths before, but this is something far much different than changing steps. Reason switches to newly selected pattern only when the pointer of the last pattern is at the end of the pattern or when the pointer is aligned to 16th step (or something like this). If Redrum would switch the pattern right when you select it, it would be much closer. But it doesn't. It alignes. And that's the problem. When you change "steps" amount with the mouse, it restarts the pattern right when you set new "steps" value and it's out of rhythm alignment, and THAT'S the point why it's needed.

Start your Reason, load some Redrum, press play. Click the mouse on the "Steps" indicator, keep mouse down (clicked) and move it up and down. It changes steps amout very quickly and Redrum responses immediatelly and makes very much different beats, more random, more breaking, more sophisticated...
Didn't knew you have try this already , but yeah you right it starts always with the first step this way. But i don't think the possibility to automate the step is the best solution as the results will still be off. I mean it would be not wrong to have this but there is even a better way.

I have make this redrum mock up as future suggestion with 64 visible steps and you can apply for each pattern 4 phrases which can be triggered via key notes so you could program up to 128 phrases. Would be dope !