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Thumbs up What are some good settings using eq, compression, and limiting?

What up you guys,

A friend of mine told me that your eq settings for mastering should be like a bowl setting.Like mid to high low end on the left, with a dip in middle.And a hi high end, on the right side.Explain what settings, without using rack extensions, to have good settings.I'm starting to get better with my mixes.And it' true your ears is the best thing you have!When mixing tracks.It seems like when you learn the in's and out's of a solid foundation for a good mix.You can spot out the things you need to adjust.Like you automatically know what to do.And I'm still learning.One day I know will be there, and giving someone else the knowledge.On how to get a good mix!Can you guys give some advice on mixing then mastering?I value your advice!