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Thumbs up I know you guys at Propellerhead.SE can do this!

Can you create presets for new Plugins and presets.For Mastering EQ,Compression,Stereo Imager,Maximizer,Reverb,Delay,Filter,Chorus,Unison ,Flange, and Parametric EQ.Also can you make the effects like M-Class,etc.,more complex.I think you guys should do like a 6 to 8 different EQ numbers made by Propellerhead for Reason 6.5.3+.Like Image-Line gives you 6 types of EQ on theirs.Also the different kinds of EQ like Wide Bandwidth,Medium Bandwith,and Narrow Bandwidth.A Multiband Compressor,and 3 different types of Compressors like FET,Opto,and VCA.An Air Plugin to give your Sounds and Vocals good presence.A Dither,Noise Shaping,and Modulation like Ozone has?Plus better compression for sounds.Like say a Synth is 200 kb.Can you compress it to like maybe 80 kb?Because it takes up Headroom on mixes.Plus can you add a Stereolizer?And a custom Beat Repeater and Tape-Vinyl effect plugin.Like Image-Line has Gross Beat. Also can you add a De-Esser Plugin to remove the hiss?Can your Sound Library be big like say maybe 20 to 30 gigs of stock sounds that come with Reason 6.5.3+?Like Logic has theirs.And can you make Sound Libraries,for Each genre of Music.Like Hip Hop would be,Club,Jerk,Dirty South,West Coast.East Coast,Midwest,Funk,Trap,Trip Hop,Anthem,Motivational,Insprirational,and Dance,Hip Hop Beats.It would go from Hip Hop as the main folder then into different Subfolders.For each type.Also like for RnB,would be Ballad,Slow Jam,New Jack Swing,Club,Uptempo,and Crunk N B.Also a Rhythm and Gangsta section.Also known as R&G.For House Music would be House,Techno,Dubstep,DnB,Dub-Reggae,Trance,Ambient,Chillout,Pop,Electro,Electro House,and the other types of House Music.Rock would be,Classic,Punk,Metal,Grunge,Ballad,Contemporary,a nd New Age.You also would have a Section for Gospel,Christian,Classical,Ragtime,Reggae,Blues,Di sco,Doo-Wop,Cartoon,Movie,and Ethnic types of Music.Such as World Music,like Polka,Swedish House,Dutch House,Berlin House,Korean Pop,Grime,Tribal,Indian,and Latin genres.And can you guys make more unique Brass,Organ,Piano,String and Woodwind sections.That have more to offer than just 15 to 20 instruments.More like say 50-100 different push the envelope!I know you can do it Propellerhead!

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