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Thumbs up More Precise Knobs & Faders etc.

Using up and down arrows or plus minus keys to increase or decrease a knob when mouse is hovered over to allow for very precise accuracy with settings. tapping the up arrow while hovered over a knob would increase by 1 value.

Allow for Shift+Up and Shift+Down increase or decrease knob value at a higher rate like +/-5 in value or 5% or 10% of knob range.

I was inspired by this idea from my photo editing habits. I am a photographer and I use Adobe Lightroom a lot and that's the main way I edit photos. I hover my mouse over a slider/fader and use the up and down arrows a lot and shift + up/down as well for larger steps.

I think those who are particular about accuracy in their Reson projects will find something like this useful. I would absolutely love to see something like this implemented into Reason.