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Originally Posted by patwharity View Post
Hey Props. I would love to see a way to preview a song file without opening it; maybe as a low-quality 15-30 second clip we could listen to without actually opening up the song file. As most of us, I have HUNDREDs of songs/ideas and is at times difficult to track down the file I am looking for, especially months later. I also have Logic and they at least provide a mini screenshot of the song and that can help some. I think it should be rather easy to incorporate? When you would save a file, Reason would quickly "bounce" a low-quality 15 second audio file, and when you clicked on the song you could opt to listen to the preview without actually opening the song file as a quick way to locate the tracks you want at any one time...

What does everyone think?
I was just going to post the same suggestion
This would be an awesome time saver.