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Originally Posted by futurepet View Post
this isn't what i'm asking about; yes, if you click the track in the sequencer (or the icon, as you say) the device is *selected* in the rack. but if you are viewing the sequencer page separately from the rack (e.g. you aren't using the 3-page view) the device is selected, sure, but your'e still looking at the sequencer page, and then have to switch to the rack page, and then have to look for the very light blue-line surrounding the currently selected instrument -- and in a fully loaded rack, this can be a huge time-waster. I was hoping there was a command, in the sequencer, that switched automatically to rack view and highlighted the device for that track. but apparently this only happens (visibly) if you have both sequencer and mixer open at the same time using the joined 3-panel screen... which is useless to me, because I really never use the 3-split screen view, it's super annoying.
So if you have a clean rack and sort your devices (like one rack for drums, one for instruments one for effects) it should be really quick to click on the symbol in the sequencer and then press f6 and the highlighted device should be at the top of the page. now you just need to know is it drums, effects or instruments...