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Originally Posted by yorick View Post
Yeah it's like buying an Apple computer and then suggesting the cost of every third party app in the app store makes a mac stupidly expensive.

Reason works out of the box without any REs. REs are additional, optional, third party enhancements to an already brilliantly working system, just as third party VSTs are to Logic or 3rd party apps are to a Mac.
Apple computers are insanely over priced though.
Originally Posted by tardisboy View Post
Actually when she priced Reason + Recycle and the extensions she wanted (not every extension) it ran well over $1000. She wasn't too impressed with Reason's built in synths, I tried to impress her with my combinator refills . She thought the Malstom was the most interesting out the bunch. She thought balance would be a nice addition but of course that adds to the total.

I've checked out her current setup. For what she paid she is making some great stuff. Its just the base maschine package along with Reaper, the choices she made on the free VSTs sound really good to my ears. Saved a lot of cash and if she decides to move to another platform she can take her synths and effects with her. She's curious about LIVE of course.
Live is a lot of fun. I use it with Reason.
Originally Posted by yorick View Post
I was a user who "monthed on". Until I had to update my system. And then had to pay for everything all over again. The Reason 6.5 upgrade at $169 was a no-brainer next to Logic's $200 or ProTools $400 I was looking at shelling out. Plus the NI upgrade costs, Omnisphere upgrade, Waves upgrades, etc etc etc.

With Reason everything updates for you. All your instruments and effects and Rack Extensions. REs are a bigger hit upfront, but you're never paying for those upgrades years later when operating systems change.

Apple are changing their OS every year now?! Keeping up is expen$ive...

With that kind of policy, Reason seems like a more attractive investment than spreading yourself out with multiple software companies.
Yeah that's an OSX almost exclusive issue. Most of my stuff from windows XP still works on 7. I skipped Vista.
Originally Posted by yorick View Post
Yeah so there are free VSTs.

There are also loads of free Refills.

Good luck updating those free VSTs in years to come. The free refills however, will keep working.
Comparing a refill to a vst is like comparing Thor to Soul School. One is an instrument one isn't