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Smile SSL vs. Mixer 14:2

HeyooOOoO Evryone!,

Im just wondering if anyone has listened to tracks they did before using just the old Mixer 14:2 and compared its bang for buck against the SSL Mixer?

I find that i got my tracks nice and hard and bumpy with ease with the Mixer 14:2 than i do with the SSL. Not saying i cant get it nice and good with the SSL does tend to clip and distort far quicker it would with the Mixer 14:2.

Could it be that it would be actually better to record Reason instruments connected to the Mixer 14:2 and Live instruments with the SSL? and if so, would it be possible to have an easy way to always have racks connected to the mixer 14:2 when its created?


Should we just stick to plastering everything on the SSL Mixer bringing up another question as to..if thats the case, why is the Mixer 14:2 still there cos i for 1, dont use it any more...i simple use the Line Mixer for sub mixes and i can combine that with the audio splitter thats plenty for me..


Discuss!! in 3...2...1.. *BANG*
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