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One possible thing that comes to mind, and keep in mind I'm not hearing your mix so this is PURE conjecture: you could have excessive sub-sonic energy in your mix. This would manifest as a track that clips smaller/cheaper systems easily. The reason is that you can't hear this energy BUT that it's taking up headroom and pushing your levels higher than other mixes (but without any advantages, and obvious disadvantages).

The fix is to use High Pass (low cut) filters on tracks that don't need to thump the low end, leaving only a few tracks with actual audible low frequency energy (bass, kick). Even on the bass/kick tracks you can cut the VERY lowest frequencies (below 30-40 Hz) if you do it carefully.

But don't over do it - I've heard tracks that were high-passed to death, leaving NO real low end and sounding thin and wimpy. My common advice is to carefully trim the low end with HP filters, but try to avoid totally 'neutering' your tracks! ;-)

The common approach is to gradually raise the HP filter's frequency until you hear the low end get reduced, and then back up just a bit to before you heard any change. This will ensure you don't remove 'musical' frequencies but still protect your mix from excessive sub-sonic energy eating up your mix headroom. :-)

But remember, this is without hearing your mix, so there could be other things going on.
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