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Originally Posted by bigant View Post
I disagree with you on this one,i find reasons piano roll easy and fun to use compared to logics piano roll. Tried to figure out how to add 16ths,32,and 64 notes in logic to no success. Reasons piano roll is very easy to do this by setting the time to 1/64. What i do now is program some drums in redrum then copy and paste the pattern to the sequencer where i can see the notes. Stretch the bar ruler all the way left so i can see all slots in the grid,then add notes to make a basic looping beat more complexed. I can do rolls,triplets or what ever comes to mind now when using this method. As far as i see it reason is second to none with the way you can copy and paste patterns from redrum for as long as you want by using the locaters in the sequencer. If you want 8 bars set the right locater to 8 bars,if you want the pattern to be 100 bars just move the locater,this is huge for me. With logic you have to click and drag 2-4 bars at a time and try to put them together on beat,very time consuming. I finally figured out how to get each pattern in redrum A1-A8 to hit on time but then i learned how to just copy and paste lets say a pattern of 1-32 steps,for hip hop it's time to change things up so from 33-48 steps i do a break down or some type of change up then paste that pattern after the first,and so on. Or instead of the copy and paste method i can program patterns 1-32 to play as many times as i like and program patterns 33-48 to play when ever i like,is there any other DAW with these options?
I never used Logic to be honest.

A easy and fun piano roll IMO is Abletons. It only has two tools (select and draw). Select tool can also draw notes if you double click. Draw tool is a paintbrush tool.

The two things I really love about Live,

Fold function, Live is very good at getting a nice view of the data you want to edit. Fold only show the lanes with data in it. Live is the only program that does this. It is great when I need to delete/edit something quickly.

Also it has a note mute function I like.

Also all of the snap settings can be changed with key bindings. And it's snap settings are far more extensive than Propellerheads.

Reasons piano roll isn't totally bad. I do kind of dig the event based editing.