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Question Help recording bass guitar in Reason

I'm a bass player in a reggae band and I'm trying to get a nice deep heavy bass tone in my Reason productions without it sounding too muddy. I've been searching videos and forums to see if there is anything out there with tips on recording good bass tone in Reason but haven't really found anything. Wondering if anyone on here has any good tips or would like to share what kind of chain they're running their bass thru to get a good sound.

I play a Fender Jazz bass running thru a Ampeg SVT-4 Pro amp and an Ampeg 8x10 cabinet. I have it EQ'd with heavy low end and very little highs and I have the compression pretty much cranked to 100%. I love the way my bass sounds live and I'm basically trying to emulate that tone in my Reason productions.

In Reason I'm running thru a Line 6 bass amp set to Clean Rock with the 1974 Rock Classic amp and the 8x10 Classic cabinet.
My settings for the Line 6 bass amp
Compressor: Off
Drive: 0
Bass: 86
Lo Mid: 87
Hi Mid: 75
Treble: 94

I then have the Line 6 bass amp running into a MClass Maximizer with the following settings
Input Gain: 2.2 dB
Attack: Fast
Release: Slow
Output Gain: 2.6 dB
Soft Clip: Enabled
Soft Clip Amount: 103

On the SSL board I have the compressor enabled but the settings are default. In the EQ section I have the highs and the high mids slightly cut and the low ever so slightly boosted.

I am far from an expert when it comes to EQ or effects like the compressor or maximizer. I basically just came to these settings thru experimentation. It sounds ok but I'm sure it could sound much better. If any one has any tips or tricks I'd love to hear em. Any other bass players out there recording reggae music with Reason???

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