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In-Depth Tutorials

I have been using Reason on and off for a couple of years and I still don't really know how to use the program properly. Even if I make a decent track it still sounds like shit when I try to mix it down and export it. Even if I import a decent bass drum (ex primeloops) into the ReDrum and export it feels like the whole punch has been sucked out of the drum. (I have no idea why this is the case, shouldn't it sound as good as when I imported the drum?)

There's some tutorials like Dave's toutorials, and some tutorials on how to make Skrillex Bass. But other than that most of the tutorials and books are lacking.

Most tutorials out there today are pretty bad, even all the big ones. They assume that you already know everything. Most tutorials come with a bunch of project files and then they show you how to load all those in to your sequencer and loop them. Or they tell you to pull up Nexus(complete package), Halion Sonic and all your Soundtoys vst's and all kinds of other vst's that the kids today can't afford. (Even though they pirate them all)

I can't even synthesize a sine wave, no matter which synth (but I can synthesize Skrillex bass though :P )And then I just sit and browse through a bunch of presets which is not alot of fun.

Is it too hard to get some decent user to make some in-depth tutorials on the most essential aspects of Reason? The basics, the synth's, EQ's, Compressors, Routing, Mixing, Midi, Automation and so on?(I wouldn't hate some tutorials on music theory too) And not some 10 minute youtube video where they assume you know everything. The underlying principle for why you turn this and that knob and what it does?

Now I just stack my Combinators with tons of effects, but it doesn't sound too good. I wouldn't see how this is necessary if I just knew how to use the basic effects properly.

If you pay some person in order to do this you will easily get that money back by selling in-depth tutorials of Reason.

Hopefully this would stop some of the cry for more RE's and more Synths if people know how to use the stuff they already had properly. (Or maybe this would decrease the amount of RE's sold)

Also if there's a bunch of people who know how to use Reason properly it would also mean better music, which again would result in a better Reputation for Reason.

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