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Christmass gift by users for users idear !!! worldwide !!!

so now this thread is old and I started this one ;

Hello this year is like last year , some users ask for a Christmass gift from props and I'm part of them but what if users was getting organise to give and receive something for once ?

my idear is simple ; since there is a lot of users that have there own refill store and that even more are doing there own combis and patchs maybe we could all post some patch's combis and refill's here and have somebody that would make a compilation of the combis and patch's into one refill and have it joined with the other personnal refill's sended into a RAR file.

anyway we need somebody for the collection and compilation of it and we also need an approvement to have it put in the free refill download list of this website as a christmass worldwide users free refill.

do you think it's a good idear and would you give a synth or a homemade refill to the cause ?

ps: sorry for the few faults but English is my 2nd language

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