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Korg Kontrol-61

So I am really underwhelmed with my Axiom-61, and I like MPK-61's but the action is terrible (my opinion), and that's a big deal to me.

So I love Korg products, and have been hoping they would release a 61 key controller to compete with the Axiom and MPK lines, and then I did a little search and it turns out they already did, about 7 years ago, called the Kontrol-61. It has 16 pads, and 61 keys, and lots of other goodies. But it's outdated now.

So now Korg is leaning heavily on the mini/micro/nano side of things, and the only 61 key controller they even sell with full sized keys is very basic, has no pads, no sliders and is just not at all on par with modern full-featured controllers.

So when are they going to update their Kontrol-61 and re-release it?
Ever? Was it a dud? Did it not sell well? Is that why they abandoned it?

I know I could get a Panorama P6 when it comes out, and it's very tempting. But I just thing the way I use Reason as my live rig, it's not really setup for that.

So any rumors? Anything at all from Korg on this?

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